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With its small land size and a rapidly growing population, Singapore is fast becoming one of the most economically stressful cities to live in. Citizens wanting a good bite of the lifestyle here are increasingly suffering from burn-outs.

“Economic volatility has increased pressure on Singaporean workers with 60% reporting more stressed-related illnesses”, a survey by Regus, a global workplace provider, said.

Children, the future of our society, are not spared. More pupils are facing academic anxiety, peer pressure and are seeking help at the Institute of Mental Health, a phenomenon that is not part of the national plan in 50 years of nation building.

Like any concerned parent would says: “Life without a good certificate is difficult in terms of finding a good job. I want my child to excel in order to avoid that….”

The big question today is how will our people, especially our children, move ahead in life with not only the proper skills, but with a “super” mindset that is configured to tackle life effortlessly? Be it Self, Family, School, Work or the Community, we now have the Answer!

Kovan Enrichment Center is started by Three Singaporeans who are both working class professionals as well as parents of children. They found a unique way to prepare and enhance the physical brain for greater concentration, focus, memory and creativity, effortlessly. This is achieved by “unlocking” and “synchronizing” the entire mind to gain super intelligent abilities, in the process activating all the untapped functions of the brain itself.